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Travel is an investment in your emotional, mental and social wellbeing... it makes you happier, more confident, smarter, and even more connected to humanity.

Immersive travel  -- interacting with locals -- can help you re-evaluate and rediscover your life's purpose. It can change your perspective on life and help you feel more alive than ever before!

When you think of it that way, shouldn't you get as much out of your travel experiences as you can?

Culture Pursuits
are unique, immersive travel experiences for people who want to go beyond thier current level of comfort,  getting the most out of travel by exploring new and different destinations, while leaving the planning to experts. 

Are you ready to personally grow through travel?

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Our itineraries  are for the curious and always include opportunities to immerse in the culture of a destination, either through food, interaction with locals, or other hands-on experiences. We think outside the box to design itineraries that are unique to your travel goals. 

We like to feel special when we travel and we are well-connected! We can get you private access, exclusive tours, unique accommodations, and premium perks – all the special treatments that make you feel like the VIP you are.

Before, during and after your trip, we have your best interest in mind. It’s our job to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.
Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that should things go awry while you're away, we’re always here to help make things right.

The truth is...
  • There IS an easier way to plan a trip without spending all of your time on Google, Trip Advisor and worrying about whether you have it all right.
  • A professional travel advisor is your shortcut to researching, vetting and verifying all the travel information you read online.⁠ 
  • By engaging a travel advisor, you can feel more confident that everything will go right! This is especially important if you are in a foreign country for the first time, far away from home.
  • At Culture Pursuits, we know travel! Across our team, we’ve visited 50+ countries. We have a hive of knowledgeable travel professionals who work behind the scenes to support our clients.



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Schedule a consultation call to discuss your travel hopes, dreams and wishes, and how we can help you achieve your goals. Ahead of the call, we'll send a fun questionnaire to capture some of your thoughts!


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Ready for a Culture Pursuit?

This is the fun part! We'll use information you share with us, our imagination and our network of travel partners to design an itinerary that we know will be perfect for you!

Let's get to know each other

Ahead of departure, we'll send all your documents, including itinerary, confirmations and reservations. While you're away, we'll check in to make sure things are going smoothly. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

You go on a bucket list trip

Hi there!  I'm Kenia, owner of Culture Pursuits!

I came to a point when I needed to reset my life… I wanted to get fit, so I started running and ran my first 10-mile race. I wanted to spruce up my appearance, so I subscribed to Rent the Runway, threw away my glasses and got contacts. I wanted to travel to more exotic places, so I stopped going to the same places every year.

And then it happened!

You know those moments when the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again??? Mine happened in Vietnam, when I got to stand in the middle of beautiful  green rice paddys and meet some of the kindest people in the world. It was here that I decided that I wanted to help people who are curious about traveling to places they have never been before, but are uncomfortable planning trips on their own.

I want to help people stretch their travel muscles through immersive travel experiences that foster personal growth and connectedness to the world.

I specialize in travel to remote places in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and raise the comfort level of my clients by vetting and working with only the most experienced and knowledgeable travel providers in a specific country. I create unique travel itineraries that consist of a mix of culture, culinary, adventure and relaxing activities.

I help people travel differently…


Kenia Collins


Only in Egypt can you sail into the sunset on a felucca cruise along the Nile, jump on the back of a camel and ride into Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, then float facing towards the sky in the glittering expanse of the Red Sea. 

  • Pyramids of Giza and the iconic Sphinx
  • Bustling bazaars
  • Sailing down the Nile River
  • Riding a camel in the desert
Bolivia lifts travelers to its dizzying heights with stunning scenery, legendary landmarks and a rich, indigenous heritage.

  • Salar de Uyuni
  • Thermal baths and geysers
  • Tea made from coca leaves
  • Parades, colorful costumes, and music 
Morocco is the most exotic destination in North Africa. Think... Lawrence of Arabia. 

  • Massive sand dunes
  • Riads with beautiful arches and tiled mosaics
  • Food made in tangines
  • Haggling in the busy bazaars
Bright turquoise waters, pastel-hued buildings and traditional culture that’s still alive and kicking today, from the bountiful coastline of Puerto Morelos to the colonial town of Merida and the white sand beaches of Tulum.

  • Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world
  • Mayan history
  • Swimming in cenotes
  • Celestun Bird Sanctuary and Biosphere Reserve


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Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

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Travel Inspiration

Mexico: Authentic Cooking in the Jungle

Vietnam: Hiking in Ba Be National Park

What people are saying about Culture Pursuits

"We've just returned from a 11-day trip to Africa and are still dreaming about it! From start to finish, our experiences prior, during and after the trip have been top notch. Kenia was so informative and helpful as we were putting together the itinerary. Our accommodations  and activities were wonderful! We truly glamped in style! We saw animals right outside our tent, but felt very safe!"

- Pete, Illinois

"This is an experience beyond joy! I celebrated my 45th birthday on a trek in Vietnam and it was absolutely amazing. Culture Pursuits is superior in offering the true Vietnam experience. Authentic delicious food, comfortable village homestays and hotels. Superior guides. Outstanding scenery that will make your heart sing! Bucket list must do!!

- Alex, Pennsylvania

"Working with Kenia was a pleasure. Having the Maldives on my bucket list for years and then having it become a reality was what Kenia did for us. After meeting with her and going over things that we would like to experience on our trip she was able to pull it all together for us so we wouldn’t have any worries at all. She pulled pieces together blending in what we wanted and also what she thought would make our trip an even better experience. she was right on point with all of the plans !! We didn’t have to worry about anything. She was also available for any questions or concerns that we had before,during and after the trip. If you are looking for someone who will listen to what your wants and needs are and not just someone who’s going to sell you something because it would make their commissions higher I would highly recommend Kenia to plan your next trip. We have already reached out to her to help plan our next trip.

- Natalie, Pennsylvania

What new destination awaits you?

Stretch your travel muscles.

Travel takes you out of your comfort zone and inspires you to see, taste and try new things. It constantly challenges you, not only to adapt to and explore new surroundings, but also to engage with different people, to embrace adventures as they come and to share new and meaningful experiences with friends and loved ones.

As your trusted travel designers, let us help you explore as much of the world as you can.