Travel experiences that make you feel alive!

In Pursuit of... Happiness!


Are you ready to feel differently through travel?

And, how does travel make you feel... about the places you visit, about the people you meet, or about yourself?

In so many ways, travel is an investment in your emotional well-being... it makes you feel happier, more confident, smarter, and even more connected to humanity.

And, when you think of it that way, shouldn't you get as much out of your travel experiences as you can?

Experiential travel, especially to exotic or remote places, can help you re-evaluate and rediscover your life's purpose. It changes your perspectives on life and, at the end of your experience, you feel revitalized and more alive than ever before!

Culture Pursuits
are unique, immersive travel experiences for people who want to stretch their travel muscles and personally grow by exploring new and different destinations, but feel more comfortable leaving the planning to experts and traveling with a personal tour guide.

How are you feeling today?

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Are you stuck in a rut -- traveling to the same types of destinations over and over again -- but are curious about visiting more unique and interesting places?

Are you interested in forging deeper connections to the countries you visit and its people? 

Are you overwhelmed or nervous about planning trips to remote and unfamiliar places?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here's where your curiosity and interest meets the comfort and confidence you'll feel when you plan a trip with Culture Pursuits!

We are an end-to-end immersive travel advisory service.  We do all the planning and managing, based on our knowledge of the travel industry and destinations around the world. 

We create enriching travel itineraries that help you personally grow through hands on learning experiences. With our trips, you travel deeper. You'll feel totally safe, confident, and even pampered, while you explore the unknown. 

Enjoy the freedom to explore. You don't have to think or worry about anything but having meaningful experiences that intoxicate you with happiness and ooze feelings of being alive again! 

The benefits of Culture Pursuits.

In Pursuit of... Different!


What people are saying about Culture Pursuits

"We've just returned from a 11-day trip to Africa and are still dreaming about it! From start to finish, our experiences prior, during and after the trip have been top notch. Kenia was so informative and helpful as we were putting together the itinerary. Our accommodations  and activities were wonderful! We truly glamped in style! We saw animals right outside our tent, but felt very safe!"

- Pete, Illinois

"This is an experience beyond joy! I celebrated my 45th birthday on a trek in Vietnam and it was absolutely amazing. Culture Pursuits is superior in offering the true Vietnam experience. Authentic delicious food, comfortable village homestays and hotels. Superior guides. Outstanding scenery that will make your heart sing! Bucket list must do!!

- Alex, Pennsylvania

We're Kevin & Kenia Collins, founders of Culture Pursuits.

We started Culture Pursuits because of our passion for travel and a strong desire to expose others to the types of experiences we've been fortunate to enjoy.  Travel fuels us, and we are delighted to introduce you to a way of exploration and discovery that truly transforms who you are as a person. 


In Pursuit of... Friendship!